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    Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge


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    Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge Empty Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge

    Post  Alquh on 25th February 2013, 8:13 pm

    Starting out: If you are still in tutorial island then max your stats to lvl 3 all but range Mage melee etc of course. After getting to lumbridge you will need some money AND arrow shafts. you should have an axe, if not go buy one to the west. Once you have an axe go slightly north of lumb castle and chop trees down. Once you get a full load, sell a few to the general store (if they are worth anything) buy a knife, use the knife on the logs and make some arrow shafts until you can make shortbows. (Make arrow shafts till you have 1k+ you will need them later) Once you can make shortbows (forget what lvl) then make those and go straight to the general store and sell them. Do this until you can make longbows. Then make longbows and sell them to the general store. Keep doing this until you feel you have enough money for now. (You will get more in this next part) okay now go to draynor manor and grab a fishing net and fish some shrimp. Make a fire and get about 10 cooked shrimp. Now take these (nothing else in inv nothing equipped) to barb village and climb down the entrance there. Make your way through the maze (you can find routes by either following others or look it up on google) once you get to the middle area you need to click on the chest thing and go through the dialog. You should get 2k gold. Now climb down the ladder and repeat the process. DONT TRAIN DEFENSE You should get 3k the next time, repeat and you get 5k. Now you have 10k cash and can either continue down one more floor (for some colorful boots) or go to varrock and buy some gear. Go to the clothes shop in varrock(across from the gen store) buy a cape and leather body, from the range shop buy as many bronze bolts as you can, bronze arrows and shortbows up to maple.

    1-20 range: chickens
    20-30: cows
    30-40: dark wizards south of varrock (pick up the runes and robes)
    40-60: white knight castle upstairs behind the fence (safe spot)
    60+: moss giants, lesser demons, PKING

    Chickens(north of port sarim)
    you don't really need food here but it won't hurt. Bring an axe and tinderbox if you want to cook your own. PICK UP THE FEATHERS (you will need these later)

    Cows (next to crafting guild in rimmington) not many people here so if you have a decent amount of training supplies go here (bring some food, an axe, and tinderbox) pick up the raw beef the cows drop and cook food when you get low.

    If you want to you can train here. DONT TRAIN DEFENSE Lots of people train here so I don't like it but some people like it because you can pick up the cowhides and bank them in al kharid.

    Making your own arrows/bolts and getting supplies.
    Alright so you need arrows or bolts now. Go to the dwarven mine and buy an iron steel and mith pick. The seller is south west then north (if you go down by the entrance near the prayer guild or monks) after you have the picks go all the way east then south till you find a stair case on the east wall. You should see some scorpions but there is a safe spot. DONT TRAIN DEFENSE There are some tin ore near the stairs where you can mine safely. Get 100 or however many you want. Now you need copper ore. Go back down towards the tin ore and go directly west and mine the copper ore there (you can mine this safely too) after you have as much as you want go to al kharid and pull out 14 of each ore. Smith bronze bars and once you smithed them all then go to varrock and get a hammer (if you dont have one then buy one from the general store) smith arrow tips. Once you have them all you need to make arrow shafts. Assuming you followed this guide then you should already have some. Attach the feathers you gathered from the chickens

    Route 1 smithing (arrows)
    I did this just because you can get 15 tips per bar rather than 5 bolts per bar.In the long run I think bolts are easier and cheaper to train with just because the supplies it takes to make arrows. DONT TRAIN DEFENSE At 41 range you might want to switch to a rune crossbow and iron bolts for better training.

    Route 2 smithing (bolts)
    You can do this but you would need a bolt mould (al kharid east of smith place. Look around) bolts seemed to last longer than arrows but you only make 5 bolts per bar rather than 15 arrow tips. I would do arrows for now until later.

    First go to port sarim and buy a fishing rod, fly fishing rod, 150 bait, cage
    1-10 net fishing draynor (bank all the fish)
    10-20 bait fishing draynor (bank all the fish)
    Once you get 20 fishing, cook all the fish you have then kill chickens for more feathers if you dont have any and grab your fly fishing rod then go to barb villa and lure fish there for trout, bank at edgeville
    30+ lure fishing at edgeville

    Thieving is good money now. FINALLY. Okay thieve men/women 1-5 then go to ardougne and steal cakes (drop the bread and chocolate cake slices and bank the regular cakes for training later on) at 20 you steal silk from the stall in ardy and sell to people (world 305) for 1.4-1.5k per 27 silk. Easy money 30k per hr.

    Melee training:
    You'll need some supplies for this also. I recommend getting your fishing up before melee training because 1 def takes alot of hits. Buy some scims from al kharid or longswords from the shop in varrock, iron armor from varrock, and kite or square shields from falador and start training.DONT TRAIN DEFENSE.Train like this: 5 attack 15 str, 10 attack 20 str 15 attack 30 str, 20 attack 35 str, 25 attack 40 str, 30 attack 40 str, 35 attack 45 str, 40 attack 50 str DONT TRAIN DEFENSE.

    1-10 str: chickens (pick up feathers)
    20-30 str: cows
    30-45 str: dark wizards south of varrock
    45-60 str: giants below varrock (pick up big bones and bank them)

    Download ventrilo and Swiftkit for runescape. #MP-Unit is our irc just idle in there (search a guide on how to connect etc)

    Guys please feel free to elaborate anything on this and add cool stuff along the way. Help eachother out!

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    Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge Empty Re: Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge

    Post  PURPEL on 25th February 2013, 9:27 pm

    Add abit;

    Grand tree top floor - Bronze arrows 2gp ea 200 in stock

    Minotaurs lvl 12 - frequent bronze/iron arrow drops, and a safe spot.
    Located in security stronghold first floor, 2nd room.

    Waterfall quest - 30 att/str + 3k in items.

    Witches house - 6k hp exp. Can safespot the last 2 forms behind the crate.

    Death plateu- 2k att/climbing boots
    - Iron bar; thugs in edge dungeon for you low smith kids :p

    The lost tribe - 17 mining (doric's quest fastestfor this), 13 agil, 13 thief
    - lets you buy dogreshun xbow/ bone bolts that are like addy arrows but cheaper.

    Witches potion - onion, rat tail(rimmington), burnt meat, eye of newt
    - 5 magic

    Imp catcher - kill imps for 4 beads
    - 850 magic xp, ammulet of accuracy

    Knight's sword - 10 minning, 2 Iron bars(thugs), redberry pie( 10 cooking)
    Free 1-29 smith

    Guy downstairs in varrock museum gives you 1k slayer/hunter exp for 5 mins of work.

    I suggest getting boots of lightness from the beginning of temple of ikov(dont need to start it) and 25 agility right away. You'll thank me on run recharge.

    040 MAFFIA
    040 MAFFIA

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    Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge Empty Re: Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge

    Post  040 MAFFIA on 22nd December 2014, 9:21 pm

    I am training @ duel arena good exp man

    Atm stats : 61 str 5 attack 50 hp 34 combat

    Name : Omeroz

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    Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge Empty Re: Starting out in 07. Training/Moneymaking, General Knowledge

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